Temisin International
International Trade & Distribution Solutions

At Temisin, we believe that International Sales, Distribution, and Logistics Management play an essential role in the discovery and creation of new firm value in new markets- if planned and executed appropriately.

By viewing Trade Management and Sales as an integrated package comprising of research, design, marketing, sales, distrubition, and logstics, we go above and beyond typical trade & distribution and sales & logistics execution across our core markets in North America, Europe, and China.

We implement integrated value solutions through actively undertaking all business processes that create productive, revenue and ROI driven opportunities that enhance your Trade investments.

Creating Value for Your Business

Temisin's core strengths are derived from the integration of technical and creative expertise with innovative capabilities unmatched in the Industry Trade management and services industry.

This collaboration between insightful specialists in industry research and marketing & sales together with transparent communication with clients enabling us to effectively deliver Trade sales and branding objectives that enhance our client's ROI and bottom line- bringing new value to old Trade management and sales models.